City of Outlaws Mobile: A New Gangster RPG World

City of Outlaws

VPlay Interactive, known for its engaging mobile games, has recently launched City of Outlaws, a new open-world gangster RPG for mobile platforms. Released on August 23, 2023, this game invites players to a vast world of crime, action, and strategy.

Gangster Life at Your Fingertips

In City of Outlaws, players take on a gangster’s role. They navigate an expansive map, encountering diverse locations, weapons, cars, and NPCs. Furthermore, the game offers extensive character customization. This feature enhances personalization, allowing players to immerse deeply in their criminal persona.

Engaging Gameplay MechanicsĀ  in City of Outlaws

City of Outlaws stands out with its rich PvE (Player vs. Environment) and PvP (Player vs. Player) modes. These modes cater to different playstyles, whether players prefer battling against in-game bots or competing with real-world players. The game also boasts a narrative told through cutscenes, enhancing the RPG experience.

City Of Outlaws (WOW Must Play This Beautiful Multiplayer Open World) | Android Gameplay - YouTube

Optimized for Diverse Devices

VPlay Interactive has ensured that the game is accessible to a wide range of players by including various graphics settings. These settings are versatile, accommodating devices from low-end to high-end. Options include extreme high graphics quality and up to 60 FPS gameplay.

Current Availability and Future Developments for City of Outlaws

Initially launched in Indonesia for Android devices, the game faced some challenges with its Play Store availability and server stability. As of the latest update, the game was removed from the Indonesia Play Store, indicating ongoing developments and optimizations by VPlay Interactive.


City of Outlaws represents a bold step by VPlay Interactive into the open-world RPG genre on mobile. With its detailed world and engaging gameplay, coupled with a strong commitment to optimization, ‘City of Outlaws’ is well-positioned to carve a unique niche in the mobile gaming landscape.


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