Assessing ‘Papers, Grade, Please!’: An Educational Game Review

Papers Grade Please!

Papers, Grade, Please! is an engaging mobile game that places players in the role of a teacher, specifically tasked with the duty of grading students’ papers. Developed by Lion Studios, this game cleverly combines elements of humor and education, offering a light-hearted yet insightful take on the grading aspect of teaching. Targeted primarily at players who enjoy casual simulation games with an educational twist, Papers, Grade, Please! provides an amusing and unique perspective on classroom dynamics.

Gameplay Mechanics and Visuals

In Papers, Grade, Please!, players evaluate student assignments, deciding whether they pass or fail based on the answers provided. The game challenges players’ knowledge across various subjects and their ability to spot mistakes. Its graphics are simple and cartoonish, aligning with the game’s fun and informal approach. The game’s interface is user-friendly, making it accessible for a wide audience, including younger players.

Pros of Papers, Grade, Please!

  • Educational and Fun Gameplay: Papers, Grade, Please! successfully combines learning with engaging gameplay, effectively challenging players’ knowledge across different subjects.
  • Simple, Intuitive Mechanics: Moreover, the game is easy to pick up and play, making it suitable for players of all ages.
  • Engaging Content: Additionally, it offers a diverse range of subjects and questions, ensuring that the content remains fresh and interesting.
  • Humorous Approach: The game presents the task of grading in a humorous and light-hearted manner, adding a fun element to the educational process.
  • Casual Gaming Experience: Lastly, it’s perfect for players looking for short, casual play sessions, making it a great choice for quick entertainment breaks.

Cons of Papers, Grade, Please!

  • Repetitive Over Time: The core gameplay can become repetitive, with similar patterns of grading.
  • Limited Depth: Lacks depth and progression, which might not appeal to players seeking a more comprehensive educational experience.
  • In-Game Advertisements: Contains ads that can interrupt gameplay, potentially affecting the overall experience.
  • Simplistic Graphics: While suitable for the game’s style, some players might prefer more sophisticated visuals.


Papers, Grade, Please! offers an amusing and educational experience, combining the roles of teaching and grading with a playful approach. Its simplicity and casual gameplay make it an attractive option for quick gaming sessions. While the game faces challenges with repetitiveness and a lack of depth, it succeeds in providing an engaging and light-hearted educational experience. For those looking for a casual game with an educational aspect, Papers, Grade, Please! is a fun and unique choice.


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