Best Fiends: A Match-3 Adventure with a Twist

Best Fiends

Best Fiends, renowned for its dynamic and inventive approach to the match-3 puzzle genre, has attracted a worldwide following among puzzle game fans. In this article, we delve into the world of Best Fiends, initially exploring its unique gameplay mechanics. Subsequently, we examine the special features that contribute to its distinctiveness. Our focus is to shed light on what sets Best Fiends apart in the competitive landscape of match-3 games, providing a comprehensive overview of its innovative aspects.

An Introduction to Best Fiends

Developed by Seriously Digital Entertainment, Best Fiends combines traditional match-3 mechanics with elements of adventure and RPG (Role-Playing Game) style progression. Set in the fictional world of Minutia, players embark on a journey with the game’s characters, the Fiends, to defeat slugs and unlock new levels and challenges.

Gameplay Mechanics: More Than Matching

Best Fiends enhances the traditional match-3 genre by adding character development and a narrative. Players engage in matching items to aid the Fiends in overcoming slugs at each stage. As players advance, the game introduces increased challenges, including new obstacles and goals. Furthermore, its RPG elements enable character upgrades, with each Fiend possessing distinct abilities. This addition infuses strategic depth into the gameplay, making it more engaging and complex.

Visuals and Sound: A World Full of Character

The game distinguishes itself through its vivid, colorful graphics and playful character designs. Each Fiend in the game is imbued with a unique personality and style, contributing to the game’s overall charm. Additionally, the sound design, featuring upbeat background music and entertaining sound effects, harmoniously complements the visuals. This combination of audio and visual elements creates a thoroughly engaging and immersive gaming experience.

Progression and Rewards

Best Fiends offers a satisfying progression system. As players advance through levels, they unlock new characters and discover new parts of the Minutia world. The game also includes daily events and regular updates, providing fresh content and keeping the gameplay exciting and rewarding.

Pros and Cons of Best Fiends


  • Innovative Gameplay: Combining match-3 with RPG elements, Best Fiends offers a unique and engaging experience.
  • Charming Graphics: The game’s visuals are appealing, with detailed and colorful designs.
  • Regular Updates: New levels and events are regularly added, keeping the game fresh.


  • In-App Purchases: While free to play, Best Fiends includes in-app purchases for faster progression.
  • Increasing Difficulty: Some levels can be challenging, requiring multiple attempts or strategy adjustments.
  • Data Usage: The game requires internet connectivity for certain features, which could impact data usage for mobile players.

Conclusion: A Captivating Match-3 Adventure

Best Fiends offers a delightful and refreshing take on the match-3 genre. Its combination of puzzle mechanics, character progression, and a compelling storyline makes it a standout game. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle player or new to match-3 games, Best Fiends provides an enjoyable, challenging, and visually pleasing experience.


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