FLICK FIELD GOAL: Mastering the Art of the Kick


FLICK FIELD GOAL emerges as a dynamic and competitive mobile sports game, skillfully capturing the essence and thrill of American football field goal kicking. This game brings the excitement of the sport directly to players’ fingertips in a highly accessible format. In this comprehensive review, we take a deep dive into the world of FLICK FIELD GOAL, specifically focusing on its unique blend of skill, strategy, and realistic sports action. We emphasize how the game masterfully combines these elements to create an engaging and authentic field goal kicking experience.

Additionally, we examine the game’s mechanics and features that enhance realism, like wind direction, distance, and angle. These elements test the player’s skills and strategy. Our in-depth review aims to give potential players a clear understanding of what sets FLICK FIELD GOAL apart in the mobile sports gaming genre. It underscores its appeal to sports fans and casual gamers seeking an immersive, competitive experience on mobile devices.

Introduction to FLICK FIELD GOAL

Developed by Pik Pok, for fans of American football and competitive sports games. FLICK FIELD GOAL offers an immersive experience in field goal kicking. The game challenges players to use flicking motions to kick the football through the goalposts with precision and power.

Gameplay Mechanics: Skill and Strategy in Kicking

“The essence of FLICK FIELD GOAL lies in mastering the precise flicking motion required to kick the football accurately. Players are tasked with aiming for both accuracy and distance, a challenge that is further compounded by various weather conditions and environments. These elements add a significant layer of complexity to the kicking mechanics. Requiring players to adapt and refine their techniques under different playing scenarios.”

Visuals and Realism: Detailed Football Field Experience

FLICK FIELD GOAL boasts realistic and detailed graphics that vividly bring the football field and the kicking experience to life. The authenticity of these visuals significantly enhances the immersive quality of the game, making each kick feel not just genuine but also exciting, adding to the overall enjoyment and realism of the gaming experience.

Progression and Unlockables: Enhance Your Kicking Skills

As players progress through FLICK FIELD GOAL, they have the opportunity to unlock new footballs and gear, which not only enhances their abilities but also allows for personalization of their gaming experience. This progression system effectively adds a sense of achievement and depth to the game. Motivating players to continue improving and advancing through the different levels and challenges.

Pros and Cons of FLICK FIELD GOAL


  • Realistic Sports Action: The game captures the essence of field goal kicking with realistic mechanics.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Weather conditions and environments add a strategic layer to the kicking experience.
  • Immersive Graphics: The detailed visuals contribute to an authentic football field experience.


  • Learning Curve: In FLICK FIELD GOAL, mastering the flicking motion required for accurate kicking can be challenging, especially for new players, presenting an initial hurdle to gameplay proficiency.
  • Repetitive Gameplay: Additionally, some players may find the gameplay becomes repetitive over extended periods, as the core mechanic remains consistent throughout.
  • Niche Appeal: Furthermore, the game’s specific focus on field goal kicking in American football may not have universal appeal, potentially limiting its attractiveness to a broader range of sports game enthusiasts.

Conclusion: A Goal-Kicking Adventure for Football Fans

This game is an excellent choice for those who enjoy sports games that require skill and strategy. Its combination of realistic kicking mechanics, strategic gameplay, and immersive visuals provides a fun and engaging gaming experience. Whether you’re a football fanatic or enjoy competitive sports games, the game offers a thrilling challenge on the virtual field.


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