Royal Match: A Puzzle Game of Regal Proportions

Royal Match

Royal Match, a captivating mobile puzzle game, warmly invites players to delve into solving match-3 puzzles set in a royal backdrop. This comprehensive review thoughtfully explores Royal Match, systematically highlighting its engaging gameplay and unique features. Furthermore, it emphasizes the enchanting experience the game offers, particularly appealing to players who revel in brain-teasing and visually delightful puzzle games, thus providing a thorough insight into the game’s appeal and charm.

Introduction to Royal Match

Developed by Dream Games, for puzzle game enthusiasts, Royal Match offers a refreshing twist to the classic match-3 genre. Set in a colorful royal kingdom, players match objects to complete levels, unlock new rooms in the castle, and reveal hidden areas. The game combines the satisfaction of puzzle-solving with elements of kingdom building and decoration.

Gameplay Mechanics: Match-3 with a Royal Twist

The core of Royal Match lies in its match-3 gameplay, where players align three or more pieces to clear the board and achieve objectives. Each level introduces new challenges and obstacles, making the gameplay increasingly complex and engaging. The strategic element of matching pieces adds depth to the simple yet addictive puzzle format.

Visuals and Design: A Kingdom of Color and Charm

This game features bright and colorful graphics that bring the royal kingdom to life. The game’s design is whimsical and vibrant, with detailed animations and a cheerful aesthetic. Every new room and area in the castle showcases unique visual themes. This enhances the player’s experience as they progress through the game.

Progression and Rewards

As players progress in Royal Match, they gradually unlock new rooms and distinct areas within the castle, each area presenting its own set of unique match-3 puzzles to be mastered. This progression not only challenges players but also rewards them with decorative items, allowing them to creatively personalize their royal kingdom. This addition of a creative aspect to the puzzle-solving enriches the player’s engagement significantly. Moreover, the game is dynamically updated with regular events and fresh content, consistently introducing new and intriguing challenges coupled with exciting rewards. Consequently, these updates ensure that the gameplay remains vibrant and captivating, continuously offering players novel experiences and incentives to explore further. This consistent infusion of new elements maintains a high level of excitement and engagement, making Royal Match a continually evolving and enjoyable puzzle adventure.

Pros and Cons of Royal Match


  • Engaging Puzzle Gameplay: The match-3 mechanics are both fun and challenging, offering a satisfying puzzle experience.
  • Vibrant Graphics and Design: The game’s visuals are appealing, with a rich and colorful royal theme.
  • Creative Element of Kingdom Building: The addition of decorating and building the kingdom adds an extra layer of enjoyment.


  • In-App Purchases: Progress can be accelerated through in-app purchases, which might not be preferable for all players.
  • Difficulty Spikes: Some levels can be particularly challenging, potentially leading to moments of frustration.
  • Repetitive Gameplay: As with many puzzle games, some players might find the gameplay becomes repetitive over time.

Conclusion: A Puzzling Adventure in a Royal Setting

This game is an excellent choice for those who enjoy match-3 puzzle games and the charm of a royal setting. Its combination of engaging puzzles, beautiful graphics, and kingdom-building elements provides a delightful and enchanting gaming experience. Whether you’re a puzzle game aficionado or looking for a visually pleasing casual game, the game offers a royal journey filled with puzzles and splendor.


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