Styling and Creativity in Toca Hair Salon 3: An In-Depth Review

toca hair salon 3

Toca Hair Salon 3, from the acclaimed Toca Boca series, aims to spark creativity and imagination in children. This version enhances previous editions with additional features, hairstyles, and tools. Enabling kids to experiment with hair styling in a playful, interactive setting. Developed by Toca Boca.

Gameplay Mechanics and Styling Features

In Toca Hair Salon 3, players step into the role of hairstylists, engaging with a diverse array of characters, each with unique hair types. They have access to an extensive array of styling tools, such as scissors, dye, curlers, and straighteners. Which enables a high degree of creative freedom in crafting various hairstyles. Moreover, the game’s intuitive and child-friendly interface makes it easy for young players to explore and experiment with different styling choices. This not only nurtures their creativity but also aids in the development of fine motor skills.

Pros of Toca Hair Salon 3

  • Extensive Styling Tools and Options: Toca Hair Salon 3 provides players with a wide variety of tools and accessories, offering comprehensive hair styling experiences that cater to various creative preferences.
  • Diverse Characters and Hair Types: Additionally, the game features characters with a range of hair types and textures, promoting inclusivity and diversity in its gameplay.
  • Encourages Creativity and Experimentation: This setup allows children to freely experiment with different styles, thereby fostering their creativity and imagination.
  • Intuitive and Kid-Friendly Interface: Moreover, the game is thoughtfully designed with a simple, easy-to-navigate interface, making it particularly suitable for young children.
  • Safe and Ad-Free Environment: The game offers a safe and ad-free environment, ensuring a child-friendly and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Cons of Toca Hair Salon 3

  • Limited Replay Value for Older Children: The game may lack the depth to sustain older children’s interest over time.
  • No Structured Objectives: Its lack of goals or challenges might not suit children who enjoy more goal-oriented games.
  • Focused on Creative Expression: The educational value leans more towards creativity, unlike other Toca Boca games that emphasize specific skills or concepts.
  • Device Compatibility: May not perform optimally on older or less powerful devices, potentially affecting the gameplay experience.


This game is a lively and captivating game that embodies the fun of hair styling and creative play. Its range of tools, inclusive character designs, and child-friendly interface make it ideal for young kids keen on creative expression. While possibly lacking educational depth and long-term appeal for older children. Its capacity to foster imaginative play and self-expression is clear. This game is a delightful addition to the Toca Boca series, offering hours of styling fun.


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