Submarine Jump! Review: A Deep Dive into Adventure

Submarine Jump!

Submarine Jump! is an innovative mobile game that adeptly combines elements of arcade-style action with a unique aquatic theme. Developed by Kwalee Ltd, the game offers a fun challenge. Players must skillfully navigate a submarine through diverse underwater levels, collecting coins and adeptly avoiding obstacles. It is particularly designed for players who enjoy casual, easy-to-play games, offering an engaging and dynamic environment that captivates players with its simplicity and thematic charm.

Gameplay Mechanics and Visuals

In Submarine Jump!, players control a submarine that moves forward automatically. The main objective is to jump out of the water to collect coins and bonuses while avoiding obstacles like floating mines. The game becomes increasingly challenging as players progress, with more obstacles and tougher levels. The graphics are colorful and vibrant, with a simple yet attractive underwater and above-water aesthetic that enhances the gaming experience.

Pros of Submarine Jump!

  • Simple and Addictive Gameplay: Submarine Jump! is characterized by its easy-to-understand mechanics, making it both accessible and addictive for casual play.
  • Vibrant Graphics: Additionally, the game features bright and colorful graphics, which are visually appealing and add to the overall enjoyment.
  • Progressive Difficulty Levels: As players progress through the game, each level introduces new challenges, effectively keeping the gameplay interesting and engaging.
  • Instantly Rewarding: The aspect of collecting coins and bonuses offers immediate gratification and serves as a strong incentive to continue playing.
  • Casual Fun: Lastly, the game is perfect for short gaming sessions, offering quick and enjoyable gameplay that is ideal for players looking for a brief but satisfying gaming experience.

Cons of Submarine Jump!

  • Repetitive Over Time: The core gameplay can become monotonous after extended play.
  • Contains Ads: Like many free mobile games, it includes advertisements which can interrupt the flow of play.
  • Limited Depth: The game lacks depth in terms of story and variety of gameplay mechanics.
  • Performance on Older Devices: May not perform optimally on older or less powerful smartphones.


Submarine Jump! is a fun and engaging game that offers straightforward and enjoyable gameplay with its unique submarine theme. While it may not provide a deep gaming experience, its simple mechanics, progressive challenges, and vibrant graphics make it an excellent choice for players looking for quick, casual gaming sessions. It’s a great game for those moments when you want to dive into a light-hearted and entertaining underwater adventure.


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