HomeScapes: Crafting Stories, One Room at a Time

Home Scapes mobile game

In the vibrant tapestry of puzzle-based mobile games, Home Scapes emerges as a heartwarming blend of match-3 challenges and home renovation. Developed by Playrix, the same minds behind the beloved Garden Scapes, this game invites players into a narrative-driven adventure where every puzzle solved brings a home back to life. Let’s step into the cozy world of Home Scapes, where stories unfold with every brushstroke and hammer hit.

A Mansion Brimming with Memories in Home Scapes

HomeScapes intricately weaves its narrative, introducing players to Austin, a loyal butler. Upon his return, Austin discovers his once grand family mansion in a state of neglect. Consequently, players are presented with a clear, yet captivating goal: to restore the mansion to its former grandeur. As the journey unfolds, Austin’s nostalgic anecdotes guide players through each step. This gradual renovation process, tackled one room at a time, not only revives the mansion but also brings Austin’s cherished memories back to life. This engaging approach ensures that each space renovated adds a meaningful chapter to the overall story of revival and care.

Puzzle-Packed Restoration

The core of HomeScapes revolves around match-3 puzzles. Completing these colorful challenges earns stars, which are then used to carry out various renovation tasks. From changing wallpapers to fixing staircases, every task completed is a step towards reviving the grandeur of the mansion.

Endearing Characters and Engaging Plot in Home Scapes

Beyond renovations, HomeScapes is rich in narrative. Players meet a cast of charming characters, each with their quirks and backstories, adding depth to the game. Whether it’s helping Austin’s parents rekindle their love or adopting a mischievous pet, the game ensures players are emotionally invested in every twist and turn.

Customization at Your Fingertips

In HomeScapes, players are endowed with the delightful opportunity to personalize each room. Consequently, a diverse range of design options is readily available at their fingertips. As a result, players can unleash their creativity, bringing unique visions to life. Subsequently, this creative freedom ensures that Austin’s home mirrors their individual style. Ultimately, every space in the game transforms into a testament to the player’s unique design sensibilities.

Regular Events and Themed Adventures

To keep players engaged, HomeScapes frequently rolls out special events and themed challenges. Whether it’s celebrating a holiday, uncovering a hidden room, or diving into a mini-storyline, these events offer fresh puzzles and unique rewards.


HomeScapes transcends mere gaming; it embarks players on an immersive journey. Each puzzle solved methodically unveils a unique story, thereby enriching the game’s narrative depth. Consequently, every room renovated holds a special memory, significantly enhancing the overall experience. Skillfully blending match-3 puzzles with home design elements, the game offers a platform for relaxation and strategic creativity. It emerges as a haven not only for design enthusiasts and puzzle aficionados but also as a comforting retreat for casual players. Within this captivating world, a realm of open doors and boundless possibilities eagerly awaits every player. At the heart of this universe is Austin, embarking on a heartfelt mission. His aim, diligently pursued, is to rejuvenate his family mansion, earning stars with each accomplishment. This compelling narrative thread interweaves throughout the game, beckoning players to partake in the transformation of a cherished family home.


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