Omega Strikers: Unleash the Thrill in an Action Packed MOBA Adventure

Omega Strikers

Omega Strikers, developed by Odyssey Interactive, brings a fresh twist to the MOBA genre. As the studio’s first game, Omega Strikers combines the excitement of sports with MOBA mechanics, creating a unique experience that feels both familiar and innovative. Available as a free-to-play live service game on mobile and console, it emphasizes competitive matches and character collection and customization​​.

Simplistic Yet Deep Gameplay

The gameplay in Omega Strikers is straightforward yet deep, offering an engaging experience. Teams of three battle in first-to-five-goal matches, where each character’s special abilities can crucially turn the tide of the game. Initially starting with three playable characters, players can progressively unlock a wider roster. Consequently, each new character brings unique abilities and styles to the gameplay.

Unique Character Roster

Omega Strikers stands out with its original character roster. Unlike many studios that leverage established IPs, Odyssey Interactive has created a cast of unique characters, from Juno, a girl made of boba tea, to Dubu, an oversized hamster. This approach adds charm and personality to the game​​.

Balanced Pace and Control

While similar to games like Mario Strikers, Omega Strikers finds a balance between the frenetic pace of sports titles and the strategic control of MOBA games. This makes for an engaging gameplay experience where every move counts​​.

A Focus on Online Play

Despite its captivating characters and gameplay, the game lacks solo content or a story mode. The focus is primarily on online play, with matches being the core of the gaming experience. This might appeal to players who enjoy continuous competitive play​​.

Omega Strikers på Steam

In-Game Currencies and UI Challenges

One area where Omega Strikers faces challenges is its UI and in-game currency system. With three types of currencies, the game’s economy can be confusing, though it avoids a pay-to-win model. This complexity is a common issue in free-to-play games​​.


Omega Strikers marks a significant entry in the mobile gaming world, offering an engaging blend of MOBA and sports mechanics. Its unique character designs and balanced gameplay make it a standout title, promising a fun and competitive experience for MOBA fans on mobile platforms.


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