Star Wars: Hunters Epic Mobile Arena Battles in a Galaxy Far Away


Star Wars: Hunters, a highly anticipated free-to-play, player-vs-player competitive arena combat game, is setting new standards in mobile gaming. Developed and published by Zynga in partnership with NaturalMotion, This third-person, team-based game is set to redefine Star Wars gaming on mobile platforms. After the fall of the Galactic Empire, the game unveils new characters. These range from bounty hunters to rebellion heroes and imperial stormtroopers. Star Wars: Hunters doesn’t just introduce new faces; it also enriches the Star Wars tapestry.

Engaging Squad-Based Shooter Mechanics

Star Wars: Hunters delivers arena gameplay similar to Overwatch. It seamlessly combines the rich lore of Star Wars with exhilarating shooter mechanics. Furthermore, players will find themselves fighting in settings inspired by iconic Star Wars locations, notably set between the events of Episode VI and VII. The game showcases a diverse set of characters, including a Wookiee warrior, a female Dark Side force user, a bounty hunter, and an Imperial Stormtrooper​​​.

Star Wars: Hunters™ - Apps on Google Play

Mobile Gaming Refined by Zynga

Zynga, known for its mobile gaming expertise, has made a significant leap with Star Wars: Hunters. This game opens a new chapter in the Star Wars series. It features high replayability with its squad-based gameplay. Players engage in supremacy battles, using customizable touch controls to fit their style.

Launch and Accessibility

Initially soft-launched in select countries, the game is gearing up for a full release. In 2024, it will be available on both iOS and Android platforms. The game’s mobile version has been completely revamped, offering a premium gaming experience that mirrors its console counterparts. With the added flexibility of mobile gaming, Star Wars: Hunters is not just a game but an immersive journey into the universe.


Star Wars: Hunters is more than a new mobile game. It stands as a testament to Zynga’s commitment. The company focuses on delivering high-quality, engaging gaming experiences. As players from around the world eagerly await its full release, the game stands ready to offer an unforgettable adventure in the galaxy.


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